Hygiene Services

There is more evidence emerging that poor periodontal health can be linked to Diabetes and Cardiovascular Disease.  At Shine Dental Clinic we offer a range of hygiene services to ensure that your individual needs are met.

Pam Woolford and Julie Petersen are our experienced prevention team and can provide the following:









Hygiene appointments are vital in maintaining good oral health as our professionals will get to the areas that normal brushing would not be able to reach. It is also in these sessions we will be able to show you exactly which methods of cleaning are best for you.


Scale & Polish Appointment:

Removal of hard and soft deposits above and below the gum line.

A polish to remove any superficial stain as well as individual oral hygiene instructions.


Air Polish Appointment:

Air polish is a simple and effective way to get rid of the staining caused by tea, coffee, smoking or red wine. The air polish is a painless procedure which delivered via water jet of air and sodium bicarbonate, it can come in a few different flavours and makes a fantastic difference to your smile.


Periodontal Treatment:

Extensive treatment for patients who suffer from periodontal disease and bone loss.

This treatment may involve multiple visits to Shine Dental Clinic.