Children’s Dentistry

At Shine we are passionate about educating families to ensure they all have strong healthy teeth. We advise regular appointments so we can monitor development of teeth and encourage good habits.

Fluoride Application

Dental decay is still a concern with children and a recent study revealed 27% of five years olds have cavities present in England. The Department of Health have released guidelines advising us that all children between the ages of 3 years till they reach young adulthood should have a high fluoride gel applied to all their teeth twice a year by their dental professional.  If a child is considered high risk of decay the frequency of fluoride applications will be increased.

Childrens Dental Therapy

At Shine we want to help our children and teenagers improve their dental health to ensure they have healthy mouths now and in the future. We want to work together with families to reduce the level of intervention.  Our therapist Julie will work to educate and treat younger patients ensuring their dental experience is a positive one.


Children under the age of 12 will not be charged for their exam appointments providing there is a parent or guardian registered at the Clinic.

During child examinations we spend time to ensure your child feels at ease in the dental chair, their examination will include charting and screening of the teeth and gums. The dentist will also monitor your child’s development to ensure any issues are detected early and can be dealt with efficiently.

Our aim is that your child will not require any dental treatment, however if they do we will make it as non-invasive as possible and we charge at a reduced rate for any children’s treatment.